7 Surprising Things I Learned from 10 Years of Prostate Massage

I can’t believe it but I have been massaging my prostate for over 10 years!  This has been an incredible journey that has opened me up to exploring my body and inhibitions in ways I would have never imagined.  Here is a list of things I have learned during this decade of anal and prostate play.

Better than Sex

better than sex

This may sound crazy but I have found prostate massage during masturbation feels better than sex.  The pressure against the prostate while masturbating feels so good especially when you control every aspect of the experience.

The sensation of stoking myself while slowly pulling the massager out while my asshole clenches around it feels beyond great.  And the orgasms…better than any words can ever explain.  Beyond intense.

Prostate Massage is Rarely Messy

bar of soap

As I got more and more experienced with anal play I rarely have any messy accidents.  My tip here is to make sure you don’t have to #2 before you start and wash your butt before you start.

Nothing intense like an enema is needed just a little soap and water.  Most of the times when I am done playing there isn’t any “debris” on any of the toys!

You Will Never Want to Masturbate Without a Prostate Massager Again

better than sex

Once you start masturbating with a prostate massager normal masturbation will lose its appeal.  Prostate massagers make orgasms so much more intense and the sensation of stroking yourself while the toy is inserted in your backdoor feels so damn good that going back to “normal” sessions will be a major let down.

The More Toys the Better

prostate massagers

As you get more experience you will want to make sure that you experiment with prostate massagers of all different shape, sizes, and textures.  Most of my sessions include at least 4 massagers as I slowly work up to the larger toys.  Having an orgasm while one of the large toys is inserted and putting pressure against your pulsating prostate and contracting asshole is one of the best feelings in life.  My favorite material is solid steel but I’m also a huge fan of glass toys.  The bigger your collection the better.

You Will Not Loosen Your Anus

toilet paper

After over a decade of prostate and anal play with larger and larger toys I can hold my dirty business just as good as the day I started! Ha Ha!

This was one of my major concerns but I’m happy to report that I have not had any issues or accidents in this department.

Your Erections will be Harder than Ever

hard erection

Since starting this journey of prostate massage my erections have never been harder and I can last for hours.  I can perform longer and stronger now than I could when I was in my 20’s and I am in my 40’s now.

There’s something about having a massager inserted and locked in place against my prostate that make me harder than steel!

You Will Have So Much Fun!

happy dog

I have enjoyed this 10+ year journey of exploration and pleasure immensely.  I have learned what makes me feel good and I am no longer ashamed to explore my body.  Trying new toys, positions, and trying to achieve the elusive Super O has been amazing.

Here’s to another 10 years of prostate massage!


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