Sexy Spade Review

  • Sexy Spade Review

After using Icicles 14 for several months I fell in love with glass plugs because of the smooth texture and the rigid feeling against my prostate, so I decided to experiment with the Doc Johnson Sexy Spade Butt Plug.  These come in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large and based on my experience level, which I consider advanced, I decided to give the large Sexy Spade a shot.  Let me tell you that when I opened the box and saw the size of this thing I immediately knew that this was going to be a challenge.  Simply put… the large Sexy Spade is the biggest plug I have ever seen!

It is 2 3/8″ in diameter and has a 7 1/2″ circumference. During my first session with it I warmed up with a standard butt plug and the Njoy wand hoping I would be able to slide this in easily.  Boy was I wrong!  I inserted it about 3/4 of the way in and I could not get it any further. The good news is that the fullness and pressure was so wonderful that I shot my load so hard that I surprised myself.

After a few more failed attempts to insert the Sexy Spade all the way I decided to try my luck with the medium size.  I was able to insert this easily and it provides a very full sensation.  I normally like my plugs/massagers longer but this is a great toy to have in your arsenal to mix things up a bit.  I will continue trying to get the large all the way inserted and I will post an update once I accomplish this monumental feat.  If you are experienced with anal play I would highly recommend undertaking this challenge for yourself!



I finally got it in last night after warming up for about an hour with smaller prostate massagers, a medium size butt plug and the Sasha Grey Swell!  I have started to use the Swell to loosen up since it goes deep and has enough girth to loosen me up when pulled out almost all the way and the re-inserted.  I stayed relaxed the entire time and once it was all the way in the fullness and stretching sensation was beyond words! Once it was inserted past the large bulb the thick stem felt amazing and stretched me more than ever before!  I’m getting an erection just thinking about it.  Fantastic,  I will try again in the near future.  The Sexy Spade is now a mainstay in my collection.

Second Update:

I am now able to insert all the way during each session I use it.  Like I said earlier the key is to stay relaxed and not force it.  Once inserted I explode every time almost instantly.  Well worth the commitment to use this toy.  I had the most unbelievable session with this toy last night.  Once fully inserted my anus started involuntarily contracting around it.  This was so intense I blew my load instantly!


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8 Total Score
The King and Queen of Spades!

Hard to find but feels amazing.

  • The large size is HUGE
  • Feels so good if you can get it all the way in
  • The large is HUGE
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    BW January 21, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Took your advice and decided to try the sexy spade out for myself. I am pretty advanced so I was able to insert it after about 4 sessions. Felt unreal once I got it all the way in. The fullness was something I had never experienced before and I came uncontrollably. Thanks!

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    Spade Guy May 4, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Amazing butt plug. The weight on this thing is amazing. I slept with the large in last night and woke up with a raging hard on.

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