What is the Best Anal Lubricant?

There is alot of debate on the best anal lubricant to use for prostate massage and anal play in general.  Care must be taken since  lubricant inserted anally is absorbed into the body very quickly.  Lubrication is extremely important for anal insertion since the anus is not naturally lubricated and without it you can tear the tissue.

Lubricants fall into 3 major categories: Water based, oil based, and silicone based.  When I first started out I used Aneros which is water-based.  On occasion I would also use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for a change of pace.  They both work extremely well for my sessions which are normally 1-2 hours.  I find that I may need to reapply Astroglide at least once during a session.  For more info check out this Wiki.

These days I only use Coconut Oil.  It is all natural and keeps things lubricated for a very long time.

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