Prostate Massage Myths

Top 5 Prostate Massage Myths

MYTH 1: Prostate massage is only for homosexuals.

Anyone with a prostate is entitled to enjoy a prostate massage.  I assure you I am a heterosexual and  use  prostate massagers all the time to take my orgasm to the next level.

MYTH 2: Sticking an object up my ass is dangerous and should be avoided.

Using common household object for a prostate massage is dangerous and can cause serious internal injury.  That is why you should only use a prostate massager when giving yourself a prostate massage.

MYTH 3: Prostate massagers can only be used for hand free orgasms.

False.  I have been using a prostate massager for a few years and I have never had a hands free orgasm.  What I have had are countless mind-numbing orgasms by using a prostate massager while masturbating the old fashioned way or with a Fleshlight.

MYTH 4: If I do this I will stretch out my anus.

Prostate massagers are not wide at the base so once inserted there is not much stretching of the anus.  Some people even enjoy sleeping with the massager inserted and have suffered no ill effects from prolonged use.  If you have an accident you won’t be able to blame the massager!

MYTH 5: Prostate massagers can only be used for solo masturbation.

Prostate massagers can be used while having sex for an even more intense session.  The pressure on your prostate while thrusting is amazing.  From my experience it also makes your erection harder.

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