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Prostate massage can be your path to euphoria, ecstasy and bliss by helping you achieve unbelievable climaxes! I have spent thousands of hours over the past decade massaging my prostate with every toy under the sun and hope to share what I have learned on this incredible journey with you.  Also known as prostate milking this is the act of stimulating the prostate gland (aka male g spot or p spot) to achieve unbelievable sexual pleasure and the ultimate orgasm.  To learn more you should check out these 7 surprising benefits of prostate massage.

Prostate massagers are specially designed male sex toys similar to buttplugs that can intensify your orgasms and take them to an unimaginable level. Aneros and nJoy  make some fo the most popular massagers according to our readers.  According to some these toys may also provide relief to those suffering from prostatitis or other related issues.

prostate massager reviews

At first I was hesitant to use a massager but over the years I have become somewhat of an expert. I have used many of the most popular and not so popular prostate massagers, butt plugs, anal probes, anal beads and dildos currently on the market. As you explore avoid these 5 prostate massage mistakes.

So whether you are a beginner to anal play or an experienced veteran looking to add another toy to your collection and an expert at achieving the elusive “Super O”, I hope these reviews help you make an informed decision when choosing your next prostate massager or butt plug! So get ready to experience the most intense and satisfying orgasms of your life!


Aneros Helix Review

Editor choice
Aneros Helix Review

The Aneros Helix is great for novices and experienced users. It has a less aggressive angle compared to other models but it still makes solid contact with the prostate. Due to it's smaller size and width it is easy to insert when lube is liberally ...

Aneros MGX Review

Aneros MGX Review

The Aneros MGX was the first prostate massager that I used. I will admit when I first got it I was a little nervous to stick it in as I had never engaged in any type of anal or prostate stimulation at that point. After reading the instructions ...

Astroglide Review

Astroglide Review

If you are looking to give yourself a prostate massage, masturbate, or have mind blowing sex a good lubricant is crucial. I have tried several lubricants from KY Jelly, Wet, lotion, cocoa butter, and several others, and Astroglide

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