Have your most intense orgasm ever with prostate milking

Ever massage your prostate?

Most men haven’t and they are really missing out.  But that’s OK.  There is no time like the present to learn how to experience the intensity of a prostate induced orgasm.

rocket orgasm prostate

Simply put there is nothing quite like it.  Personally I enjoy a good prostate massage even more than sex.  It just feels so damn good once you get the hang of it and orgasms are so much stronger.

Does prostate massage make me gay?

Definitely no.  I am a heterosexual happily married man that enjoys anal play.  Just remember there is nothing wrong with exploring your body and not letting yourself be held back by societal taboos.

What does prostate massage feel like?

I always start small with one of my smaller toys.  90% of the time I start with the njoy pfun plug.  I lube it up with coconut oil and then I gently insert it.  The cool touch of the steel as I insert it and it presses against my contracting muscles creates a nice warm tingling sensation.

prosate massage

Once it comes in contact with my prostate any contact with my penis especially down strokes that cause the massager to put more pressure on the prostate feel absolutely amazing.  I typically slowly increase the size and length of the toys I am using as the session progresses.  Once I work my way up to the Pure Wand I am usually very close to exploding.

I will then rock the Pure Wand slowly from side to side without any penis contact to bring myself to climax.  These orgasms can be so intense that I have to focus on not making any noises or grunts.  Ha!

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Go for it!  Explore the wonderful joy and orgasms that only a good prostate massage can give you.  The best news is that it is healthy and can be done alone or with a partner.

Enjoy your body.



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    Mark August 17, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Oh yeah! Couldnt agree more!

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