Icicles No. 25 Butt Plug Review

  • Icicles No. 25 Butt Plug Review

The Icicles Number 25 is an amazing glass butt plug.  I am horny just thinking about it. It is a simple, smooth, basic plug that definitely gets the job done.  As I have mentioned in other reviews, glass is one of my favorite materials for good reason.  This plug is just the right size:  it measures 3 3/4″ long with an insertable length of 3 1/4″. The circumference is 5 1/2″ and the diameter is 1 1/2″.   Based on this diameter I would recommend this for beginners ready to move up to the next size as well as intermediate users.  It weighs 5 ounces so it is not too heavy but definitely makes it’s presence known.  I frequently use this plug to warm up for larger toys.

The feeling of this plug once it “pops” into place is amazing.  I was initially nervous that this plug might get sucked in because of its slightly smaller flared base but I have not had any issues after several months of use.  On many occasions I have exploded immediately once this anal plug is fully inserted. Other times I enjoy pulling it half way out so it opens me up at it’s widest point and then sucking it back in.

This can put fabulous pressure on the prostate for an indescribable feeling.  I have also had several sessions where my sphincter contracts and wraps around the base of this plug so tightly that it indescribable.  Each time this happens it fells absolutely amazing. The Icicles No. 25 can also be worn for extended periods of time without fear of popping out and the flat base makes it comfortable to sit on if that is your thing.

Since it is glass it is a cinch to clean and does not hold any odor.  I just wash it before and after use with antibacterial soap.  It also does a decent job of holding its temperature so I will usually warm it up with warm water before use.  Lastly, I found it easy to insert when I apply my favorite water based lubricant.  If you are looking for well made, versatile butt plug you should definitely consider Icicles No. 25!


Icicles No 15
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One Amazing Glass Butt Plug

If you are looking for a good glass butt plug look no further. You have found it.

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    glassy lassie March 31, 2013 at 3:16 pm

    I’m a female and I stumbled across this site looking for a plug for my boyfriend. I have to agree the Icicles #25 is amazing. It gives me that great feeling and definitely intensifies my orgasms!

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    Plugo June 19, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    This plug (Icicles Number 25) is the perfect size. I am a beginner and I love this buttplug. It fits just right!

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    JiJo May 30, 2014 at 8:30 am

    After many years of anal play with different devices I decided to buy the icicles 25 as my first “basic” plug. I was looking for something simple that could be worn sitting or standing comfortably and without slipping. The glass appealed to me because of the easy clean up and the size seemed to be a good intermediate level. I’m by no means a beginner, I use
    p-spot massagers (from rocks off) and can insert to a typical 7″ dildo without hesitation.. But my first session with the I25 I wasn’t actually able to get it in.

    I’ve taken larger diameters, but I think because the taper on the I25 is pretty aggressive it makes for a little more resistance.

    I wouldn’t reccomend it for anyone just starting out, but for those who are looking for something to step up to the next level its fantastic.

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