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The Fleshlight is an excellent masturbation aid that I recommend it to anyone  looking for a change of  pace from masturbating or the real thing. This review is for the super tight Lady insert which I chose because I wanted to feel the tightness. It came in a nondescript package and after rinsing it off  in some warm waterI was ready to take it for a test run. For my first session I used some of my favorite lube, Astroglide which I poured into the mouth of the Fleshlight and on my member. I also ran it under warm water which definitely makes if feel more like the a real vagina.

The harder my erection the tighter it gets which is amazing.  I change up the speed from slow to fast and the length of stroke for the best effect.  You can adjust the cap and the tighter you make it the stronger the suction which makes it feel like a magnificent blow-job. If you loosen the cap or take it off, there will be  less suction, but you can move the fleshlight easier and faster which also feels fantastic.

I could not believe how good this felt, it definitely lived up to the hype and was worth every penny.  It especially feels good when I plow my cock in as deep as it can go…mindblowing!  Sometimes I like to mix it up by alternating strokes with my hands and then the fleshlight.  When I enter the fleshlight the texture change is phenomenal. Depending on the intensity of my session I can last from 10 minutes to about an hour and it seems that my orgasms are much stronger than when I use my hand.

Cleanup is easy, I just use warm water to clean the insert and the plastic holder and let it dry.  For extra intensity I combine the fleshlight with my Aneros Helix for an orgasm so intense that I am getting hard just thinking about it.  The Fleshlight is a must buy!

Second Opinion by Steve

I have been using the Fleshlight for years and the Stoya Destroya insert is by far my favorite!  The textures are intense with all of the bumps and it is so tight!  It warms up nicely and sometimes can feel better than the real thing!  This Fleshlight also re-sensitized my penis since it provides such a change of pace compared to my hand.  I pour a little coconut oil into the insert before each session to lubricate it and then go to town.

Once you get a nice rythm going the fleshlight really proves its worth. It feels very different when compared to using your hand and I have found the orgasms to be much more intense.  When combined with the njoy Pure Wand it is off the charts and a one-two combo that I HIGHLY recommend!!

It is worth every single penny so give it a try.

Be warned if you wash this with hot water it may tear easily.



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7.5 Total Score
A nice change of pace!

The Fleshlight is a great way to mix things up. Tends to be fragile for larger users.

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