Titanmen Master Tool #5 Review

The Doc Johnson Titanmen Master Tool #5 plug is not for the inexperienced or the faint of heart!  This is truly a beast.  I am what you would consider very experenced with anal play and I was taken aback by the size of this behemoth.  Here are the dimensions:


  • 5.7 inches insertable length
  • 2.5 inch width
  • 7.85  incshes girth

Size compared to a medium sized butt plug. It will fill you up nicely!

It is made of Sil-a-gel which has a smooth and firm texture with slight flexibility.  It has a slight odor that is not overpowering.

My Experience with the TitanMen Master Tool #5

To attempt to insert the Master Tool #5 I warmed up with several of my favorite toys including the Prisms Devi Anal Plug

I lubed it up liberally with coconut oil and started to insert it slowly while I was sitting back in a chair.  I was able to easily get the tip inside up to the angled section. This plug widens quickly past the angled point and I immediately started to feel amazing fullness and stretching and pressure against my prostate.  I was able to insert up to the widest point as my sphincter muscles contracted and pulsated tightly around this plug.  It was at this point that I exploded with such intensity and force that I instantly fell in love with this toy!


Compared to Aneros Helix

If you are advanced with anal play you can not go wrong with the Doc Johnson Titanmen Master Tool #5.   It will challenge you and open you up wide.  This is one of the largest toys in my collection and I highly recommend it based on the intense pleasure it provides.  The angled tip gives it  very different sensation when compared to other plugs.  Be patient and enjoy the ride!

Titanmen Master Tool #5

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9 Total Score
Advanced Play at it's Finest!

An Amazing Plug for The Experienced!

  • Puts amazing pressure on the prostate.
  • Fullness that fills and stretches you out.
  • Provides Intense Orgasms!
  • May be too large for some
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    Buck July 2, 2017 at 10:00 pm

    After several attempts I was finally able to fully insert this gargantuan plug! Once it was all the way in I came instantly and pushed so hard that I shot this plug right out of my ass! Ha!

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