What is the Best Prostate Massager?

This is the #1 question that we get the most.  “What is the best prostate massager” and like most things in the life the answer is

It depends.

There are many factors that go into this answer and we will attempt to break each of them down for you so you can make the best decision for yourself but first a little background.

What are prostate massagers?

Prostate massagers are toys that stimulate your prostate.  You insert them into your anus and they can provide you with  an orgasm with or without ejaculation.

Once you experience the heightened orgasms that these male sex toys provide you will find it impossible to go back to pleasuring yourself without one!

What does prostate massage feel like?

Simply put it feels WAY better than a normal orgasm.    It is much more intense, lasts longer, and makes you cum more.  The pulsating sensation against your prostate as your anal muscles contract around the massager is beyond intense and is a senstation that you owe to yourself to experience.  The tingly feeling deep inside must be experienced and your erection will be harder than you can imagine.

So what is the best prostate massager?

If you are a beginner and just starting to experiment with prostate play we recommend the Aneros Helix.  You will want to start slow with a smaller toy that is easy to insert when properly lubricated and this prostate massager fits the bill perfectly.

aneros helix

This massager is small enough that it will not be difficult to insert and it makes phenomenal contact with the prostate.  It goes deep enough and with practice can help you achieve the elusive “Super O”which is a non-ejaculatory full body orgasm that will give you a euphoric-like out of body experience.

As you gain experience and improve your technique and “rewire” your body you will find that this massager will evolve with you.  Even after over ten years of prostate massage the Helix is still one of my favorites and has probably given me more pleasure than any other toy in my collection.

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If you are experienced or find that you enjoy backdoor play then the njoy Pure Wand is a must have.

The Pure Wand is the most versatile prostate massager on the planet and has given us some of the hardest, most intense orgasms ever.  This massager has a large and small sized bulb which makes it ideal for novices and experienced users.  The aggressive curve ensures that it will make contact with your prostate with just the right amount of pressure.  Since it is more expensive than many massagers we recommend that you start with the Helix first to make sure your are comfortable with prostate massage before making the investment in the Pure Wand.

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If you are experienced and really want to take on a massive challenge then you should try the Pure Plug 2.0XL. This behemoth will really open you up and will be a challenge to insert.  Once it is in place be ready to explode!  Many times once this makes contact with my prostate and my muscles contract against the unforgiving cool steel bulb I orgasm violently and immediately!

Does it make me less of a man?

Of course not!  You should not feel ashamed or insecure about exploring your body and doing what makes you feel good.  Enjoying prostate play has no reflection on your sexual orientation and does not make you gay. So relax and explore!

prostate orgasm


Remember everyone has a different anatomy so your mileage may vary.  The best advice we can give is to try different prostate massagers to find which one feels good to you and to sit back and enjoy the ride!


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