5 Prostate Massage Mistakes to Avoid

Prostate massage feels so damn good and has countless benefits.  That being the case you should still take care and avoid these common prostate massage mistakes.

Mistake 1 – You don’t use enough lube.

coconut oil

The anus and prostate do not self lubricate so a good lubricant is critical before you start any type of anal play. Without lube you risk getting lacerations and tears in the anus that can be painful and lead to infection.

Our favorite lube at Prostate Massage Reviews is coconut oil.  It is natural and melts at body temperature.  And makes massagers just slippery enough to insert and twist and pull as needed!  Just be aware that coconut oil is not condom compatible since it is oil based.

You should experiment with different lubes.  In addition to oil-based there are water-based and silicone-based lubricants which are compatible with latex condoms.

If you decide to go with a silicone or water based lube such as Astroglide make sure you read the label for any potentially harmful ingredients.  Remember that this is being absorbed into your body.  Here is a list of some of the chemicals and ingredients along with their risk factors:

  • Propylene Glycol might cause skin irritation.
  • Parabens are absorbed easily into your body and have been linked to some forms of cancer.
  • Acetate is a type of alcohol that can dry out your skin.
  • Petroleum should never be used as lube (main ingredient in Vaseline). It can lead to an increase in bacterial infections.

Mistake 2 – Rushing to use a massager that is too big for you.

big buttplug

You want to make sure you warm up properly when massaging your prostate.  That means starting with smaller toys and slowly working your way up in size over time .  As you become more experienced you will be able to handle larger toys.

Don’t rush it tough.  It can take several months before you are able to use the larger plugs.  Even if you are experienced we recommend starting each session with some of the smaller massagers like the Helix or pfun and then gradually increasing the size of your toys if you desire.


Mistake 3 – Not cleaning up properly before you start.

clean butt

To avoid having a messy and smelly session you should do a couple of things before starting.  The first is to make sure you don’t have to go #2 so we recommend defecating before you get started.  As a side benefit we have found that massage feels better against your prostate after going to the bathroom especially if it was a large load!

The second thing you should do is make sure to wash your butt with soap and water before starting.  This should include inserting your finger in your anus which will also help you get warmed up.

We do not recommend using an enema each time to clean up since regular use may prevent the muscles of the intestine from doing their job properly to move stool along.

Mistake 4 – Not cleaning toys properly before starting.

wash prostate massager and buttplug

You should wash your toys thoroughly with hot water and soap before starting each time.  Don’t forget these toys have been in your butt and may have residual fecal matter or lube on them from previous sessions.  This is even more important is you are sharing your toys which we do not recommend.

Once I did not clean my toys properly and got a really nasty stomach bug that gave me the worst diarrhea ever for a few days!  So take my advice and clean your massagers each and every time before starting.

Mistake 5 – You are not in the right state of mind.

sunny day relaxed

This may be the biggest mistake to avoid.  You want to be in the right state of mind before you start this journey of prostate massage.  You will open yourself up to a world of the most intense orgasms and pleasure that you ever thought possible but only if you allow yourself to explore your body with no inhibitions and relax.  It does not matter if you are straight or gay you will need to just relax, not rush it and enjoy and feel every sensation on this journey.

I have felt sensations that I never imagined before starting prostate massage.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this amazing ride.

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