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Prostate massage can be your path to euphoria, ecstasy and bliss by helping you achieve unbelievable climaxes! I have spent thousands of hours over the past decade massaging my prostate with every toy under the sun and hope to share what I have learned on this incredible journey with you.  Also known as prostate milking this is the act of stimulating the prostate gland (aka male g spot or p spot) to achieve unbelievable sexual pleasure and the ultimate orgasm.  To learn more you should check out these 7 surprising benefits of prostate massage.

Prostate massagers are specially designed male sex toys similar to buttplugs that can intensify your orgasms and take them to an unimaginable level. Aneros and nJoy  make some fo the most popular massagers according to our readers.  According to some these toys may also provide relief to those suffering from prostatitis or other related issues.

prostate massager reviews

At first I was hesitant to use a massager but over the years I have become somewhat of an expert. I have used many of the most popular and not so popular prostate massagers, butt plugs, anal probes, anal beads and dildos currently on the market.

So whether you are a beginner to anal play or an experienced veteran looking to add another toy to your collection and an expert at achieving the elusive “Super O”, I hope these reviews help you make an informed decision when choosing your next prostate massager or butt plug!


Anal Beads Review

4 Anal Beads Review

For some reason after several years of trying every anal sex toy known to man I still had not experimented with anal beads until very recently.  What a huge mistake!  The first time I used beads I pulled them out during my orgasm and the beads ...

njoy Pure Wand Review

Editor choice
16 njoy Pure Wand Review

Review by Steve Njoy Pure Wand (Our Favorite Prostate Massager/Sex Toy)Oh my god!  That was my immediate reaction after my first session with the njoy Pure Wand.  I did not know what to expect when I purchased this since I could not find much ...

Aneros Progasm Review

11 Aneros Progasm Review

The Progasm  is one of the the most popular prostate massagers and one of my favorites.  The Progasm will always have a special place in my heart as it was the toy that gave me the courage to experiment with buttplugs.  At the time of this review it ...

njoy Pure Plug 2.0 XL Review

Editor choice
10 njoy Pure Plug 2.0 XL Review

The Pure Plug 2.0 XL definitely lives up to it's name.  This thing is huge!  The weight alone is something to behold as it weighs a breathtaking 1.3 pounds and trust me when this is laying against your prostate you will love every ounce.  Because of ...

LYNK Pure Massager

Best value
10 LYNK Pure Massager

The LYNK Pure Silicone Vibrating Anal Plug & Prostate Massager is the #1 anal sex toy on Amazon for good reason. With over 200 reviews to date this amazing toy does it all! It is shaped to please the prostate aka male g-spot or p-spot and includes ...

Pfun Review

Editor choice
9 Pfun Review

The pfun prostate massager is a thing of beauty compared to other massagers. It is crafted out of solid stainless steel and it is HEAVY. If you use too much lube it will slip right out from the weight alone.This is the only downside and based ...

Aneros Device Review

8 Aneros Device Review

The Aneros DeVice is a prostate massager that has the same shape as the Vice. The only difference is that it does not vibrate. It is made of a velvety seamless silicone which gives it a unique feel.  It has a really nice size to it as well.It is 5 ...

Eupho Syn Review

10 Eupho Syn Review

Aneros says the Eupho Syn is a massager for the advanced user who has strong control of their sphincter muscles who can control movement of the Eupho by varying the strength of contractions.  I definitely agree with this assessment and as a seasoned ...

Icicles No. 25 Butt Plug Review

8 Icicles No. 25 Butt Plug Review

The Icicles Number 25 is an amazing glass butt plug.  I am horny just thinking about it. It is a simple, smooth, basic plug that definitely gets the job done.  As I have mentioned in other reviews, glass is one of my favorite materials for good ...

Prisms Devi Glass Anal Plug Review

Editor choice
8 Prisms Devi Glass Anal Plug Review

The Devi Anal Plug is a fantastic prostate massager and butt plug that is not for the faint of heart.  It is made out of non-porous glass which along with solid steel is quickly becoming my favorite material.The Prisms Devi Glass Anal Plug ...

Fleshlight Review

8 Fleshlight Review

The Fleshlight is an excellent masturbation aid that I recommend it to anyone  looking for a change of  pace from masturbating or the real thing. This review is for the super tight Lady insert which I chose because I wanted to feel the ...

Sexy Spade Review

8 Sexy Spade Review

After using Icicles 14 for several months I fell in love with glass plugs because of the smooth texture and the rigid feeling against my prostate, so I decided to experiment with the Doc Johnson Sexy Spade Butt Plug. These come in 3 sizes:

Icicles No 14 Review

10 Icicles No 14 Review

Icicles No 14 is an interesting prostate massager with an odd name.  It is best described as a hybrid mix between a prostate massager and a butt plug.  I say this because Icicles No 14 is flared at the base similar to a butt plug which is what ...

Butt Plug Review

Editor choice
10 Butt Plug Review

After using prostate massagers for a few years I decided to take the plunge and try a butt plug. Up to this point the widest toy that I had used was the Aneros Progasm so I decided to try a medium size plug to be on the safe side. The Doc Johnson ...

Bad Boy Review

8 Bad Boy Review

I will keep this short and to the point. The Bad Boy is the worst prostate massage that I have used to date. Because of the shape it was very difficult to insert and I was never able to get it all the way in. The second large "bulb" was just to ...

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